18 Post Vertical Storage Cart

Model# VSTCART18

Transport and store up to 18 stanchion posts with our Stanchion Cart. Featuring a low lift design for easy loading and storage that accommodates various post diameters.
Weight125 lbs.
Height39 in
Length84 in
Width32 in
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18 Post Vertical Stanchion Cart - Simple Usage with Minimal Lifting


The Vertical Stanchion Cart is built to effortlessly handle up to 18 posts, providing a convenient solution for loading, transporting, and storing belt or rope barriers. Its user-friendly “low lift” design enables barriers to be raised just 13” from the ground during the loading process.




More Than Transportation, Meet the Special Features of the Vertical Cart:



Low loft loading: Raised just 13” from the ground facilitating the loading process.



Doorway fit: Easily fit through doors to deliver your posts wherever they’re needed.



Locking wheels: For safety
when loading, unloading and



Color options: Choose from
black or white cart to better
match your environment.



Efficient Transport and Storage Solution for Multiple Stanchion Posts

Experience the convenience and practicality of our stanchion post transport and storage solution. Constructed from high-quality steel, it is built to withstand years of use.

This cart utilizes a vertical storage configuration, allowing it to accommodate posts with diameters of 2”, 2.5”, or 3”. With a width of 32” and a compact loaded height of 51”, the Vertical Storage Cart easily navigates through standard doorways with ease.



Have Less Floor Space Available? Try the Horizontal Storage Cart

Equipped with 6” steering wheels, the carts provide effortless maneuverability. The added wheel locks ensure stability and safety during loading and unloading. Available in 12, 18, and 21 stanchion capacities, these carts cater to various storage needs. Streamline your barrier management with our durable and versatile storage carts.





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