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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.

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6ft. x 12ft. Panels

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6' x 12' Versa Chainlink Fence Panel

1⅜ in. 16ga Cross-Braced Panel with 2-1/4 x 11.5ga fabric | stands, clamps and stacka ...

sku #SSTP7212


/ ea


1 Year Warranty

Bundle Option


6' x 12' Inline Chain Link Fence Panel

Versa Chainlink Fence Panel with reinforced zinc finish with stand and hardware optio ...

sku #TP612S


/ ea


1 Year Warranty

Bundle Option


6' x 12' Inline Chainlink Temp Fence Panel | Truckload Bundle

1⅜ in. 16ga Braced Panel with 2-1/4 x 12.5ga fabric | stands, clamps and stackable ra ...

sku #TPTLB612STD


/ kit


1 Year Warranty

Free Shipping


Temporary Fence Panel Rack bundle w/ Base Options

Quick deploy temporary chainlink fence panel bundle with stand, storage rack and hard ...

sku #TPBB72STD


/ ea


1 Year Warranty

Free Shipping


LineMaster FenceCade

Extra-tall steel barricade built to be a stronger & affordable alternative to chain-l ...

sku #PB7296


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1 Year Warranty

New Arrival

Super Heavy Duty


6' x 12' Versa Chainlink Temp Fence Panel | Truckload Bundle

1⅜ in. 16ga Cross-Braced Panel with 2-1/4 x 11.5ga fabric | stands, clamps and stacka ...

sku #TPTLB612


/ kit


1 Year Warranty

Free Shipping

The Definitive 6x12 Fence Panels For Sale by SONCO

SONCO offers the highest quality, most reliable, most effective 6x12 fence panels available today. Built to the standards of the American Welding Society and made with the right gauge of premium steel, you can rest easy knowing your job site or event is protected by the best of the best.

On top of the top-rated product, our prices are truly unbeatable. With both highly competitive rates and a price-match guarantee, our clients always receive the best possible deal.

Explore the bundle deals and other special offers on 6x12 fence panels for sale today. And get in touch with our team for no-obligation, expert advice specific to your setting, application, goals, and budget.

What Makes SONCO 6x12 Fence Panels The Best Solution For You?

With an extra bit of length compared to 6x10 (standard size), 6x12 fence panels allow you to cover more ground with fewer panels. This is especially cost effective if you’re setting up a large, relatively rectangular perimeter that doesn’t require the versatility of the 10’ length.

But we’re not the only company that sells temporary fencing. Here’s why the 6x12 fence panels for sale at Sonco are a cut above the rest:

  • Reinforced zinc finish for unrivaled lifespan in all weather.
  • 16 gauge 1-3/8" pipe with vertical support.
  • Laced on all sides with 2-3/8" x 12.5 gauge chain link mesh.
  • Available in bundle deals for huge savings.
  • Compatible with a variety of valuable accessories, including custom fence screens.

When you’re looking for fencing that’s six feet in height and 12 feet in length, SONCO’s 6x12 fence panels are the right choice. But that’s because SONCO is the top-rated supplier of temp fencing in the US, and each product is better than all competing options.

So if the 6x12 fence panels aren’t perfect for your application, we can assure you that you can find exactly what you need to deploy the highest levels of perimeter security – for the best deals online.

Looking for Chain Link Panels Besides 6x12?

Our superior selection extends far beyond the 6x12 fence panels. Here, you’ll find the standard 6x10 as well as the extra-tall 8x10 fence panels. These are made with the same building standards and premium materials as the 6x12 option, but in the dimensions better for certain applications.

We also offer the heavy-duty chain link fence panels and the jersey barrier fence topper. And that’s on top of providing custom dimensions of any height and length, a service that’s still tied to our price match guarantee. Even if it’s not listed in our store, we’ll still get you the best deal!

6X10 Chain Link Fence Panels

The 6x10 chain link fence panels might be best practice depending on the dimensions of your perimeter.

As the most versatile and affordable fence panel, it’s often considered the standard. If you need to create right corners or ensure you’re not overlapping panels or creating a perimeter gap, this is the way to go.

However, if you consider the price of 3,000 feet of fencing, you start to see why savvy contractors choose the 6x12 instead if at all possible.

At SONCO, 3,000 feet of 6x10 fencing runs you about $19,800. Meanwhile, 3,000 feet of 6x12 fence panels for sale at Sonco run $18,000. That’s significant cost savings, and you can save even more per item when you add accessories to the order.

8X10 Chain Link Fence Panels

The 8x10 chain link fence panels offer two feet of extra height to boost security. These dimensions are for particularly sensitive job sites, longer term projects, or highly popular events with a high likelihood of unauthorized entry.

It may not seem like much on paper, but two extra feet of height can make a huge difference as a deterrent. Not only is it much harder to scale, it’s easier to spot someone if they do try to scale it.

The extra eight-feet also offers additional privacy when combined with a fence screen. People will be unable to see over the top of the fence, and construction site theft is often one of opportunity and spontaneity. If you eliminate the temptation with 8x10 fencing and a fence screen, you’re golden.

Heavy Duty Chain Link Fencing

Heavy duty chain link fencing for sale at SONCO is just that: heavy duty. It lasts longer under extreme conditions, whether it be huge crowds or wintery maritime environments. Heavy duty chain link fencing is also a great choice for rental companies to have in-stock to ensure their equipment lasts longer no matter what the project.

If you don’t need heavy duty chain link fencing, then it’s poor practice to invest in it anyway. But if it is needed, it’s downright dangerous not to have it.

Fence Toppers For Water Barriers

Add security, privacy, and debris protection with fence toppers for water barriers from SONCO. Made to the same highly durable, long-lasting standards as our free-standing chain link fence panels, fence toppers can take your roadside perimeter security to new heights.

Meet Other Solutions for Chain Link Fences From SONCO!

The 6x12 fence panels for sale at the SONCO store are just the beginning. We offer a wide range of accessories, stock and custom screens, and extremely reliable gate panels. Here’s a bit more on each:

Accessories For Chain Link Panels

The accessories you can find for our 6x12 fence panels are made to increase the effectiveness of the fencing, boost your productivity, and save you money in the long run.

That’s why we offer state-of-the-art, new-age products that replace outdated equipment, such as sand bags and cement blocks. Our weighted stands and blocks last for years, and our wind bracing is made up to the standards of the American Welding Society, just like the fencing itself.

Whatever you need to get the job done right the first time and for years to come, you can find it at SONCO.

Temporary Fence Screening

We offer stock temporary fence screens to simply meet your compliance obligations, boost privacy and security, and minimize dust and debris while allowing for airflow. But we also offer custom fence screens that turn your fencing into a billboard.

Boost revenue by increasing brand awareness, partner with the SONCO signage design and printing team today!

Chain Link Gate Panels

Our standard versa as well as our pedestrian and vehicle gates are the tip of the iceberg. We offer custom gates of any size and purpose, as our gates are made-to-order to ensure the highest quality, longevity, and perfect dimensions. This is the best chain link fence gate you’ve owned, guaranteed.

Searching For The Best 6x12 Fence Panels For Sale? Order from SONCO Today!

We have the highest quality 6x12 fence panels for the lowest prices. We’ll also get your order out to you lightning fast, and save you money on shipping. If you have any questions or clarifications, our team of experts is on call and available via chat. And if the product has any factory defects, we offer a One-Year Warranty, which is the best in the business.

We’re ready to exceed your expectations. Request a free quote from SONCO today, and we’ll make sure you get the best deal on the industry’s best products, period.

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