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Traffic Delineators 45’ Post

Model# Traffic-Delineators-45

Traffic delineator posts with two 4’ prismatic collars, base and clamp.

Permanent-mount traffic delineators with Cortina’s boxed kit. Traffic delineator post, base and clamp included.

Included mounting kit can fix traffic delineators to concrete or asphalt

Weight10 lbs.
Limited stock
Limited Stock
$100 00/ ea
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Permanent-Mount Flexible Delineator Posts

Sturdy, impact-resistant traffic delineators become even more reliable when installed with our included base and permanent-mounting clamp. Affix to asphalt or concrete for high-visibility traffic guidance in various environments.

Select the best color for your application:

EZ-Grab Traffic Delineators – Permanent-Mount Boxed Kit at SONCO

Keep plastic delineators fixed in place with the EZ-Grab permanent-mount boxed kit. Your kit includes a safety-orange plastic delineator with base and clamp — perfect for long-term use in parking areas, work zones and much more!

Fixed Delineator Posts for Concrete & Pavement Surfaces

SONCO’s EZ-Grab traffic delineators come as standalone devices or as part of a kit for permanent mounting.

Benefits of Mounted Plastic Delineators

Complete and convenient.
When you need a permanent channelization system, SONCO kits ensure excellent value and the right accessories for each post. All you need are bolts.

Set it and forget it. Arrange and mount your EZ-Grab delineators and watch as they effortlessly and effectively channel traffic through intersections and away from work zones.

Safety in plain sight. SONCO delineators come in safety colors and a slim design that’s easy to see — even with collecting snow or debris. Prismatic detail ensures delineators stand out even more

Wide range of uses.
Set up permanent mount delineators at work zones, parking areas and more.

Shop for Traffic Delineators, Barriers, Safety Signs and more. Contact SONCO today for additional information and advice.

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