Water-Wall Fence

Model# Water-Wall Fence

The Water-Wall Fence extends the height of water-filled barriers to create a climb-resistant perimeter.

Four-foot chain link fence toppers for water filled barriers made of l1-gauge steel with connector T-pins.

Weight42 lbs.
Material11-gauge steel
Post Diameter1-5/8"
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TrafFix Water-Wall Fence Barriers


Get the impact resistance of water filled barriers with the climb-deterrence of chain link fencing. TrafFix Water-Wall Fence fits atop water barriers to repel trespassers and prevent accidents with 11-gauge galvanized steel mesh.

Enjoy straightforward installation with included T-pin connectors that extend down into the knuckles of TrafFix Water-Wall barriers.




Add Chain Link Fence Toppers For a Less Permeable Perimeter


Extending the height of your perimeter to a full 84" is a snap with Water-Wall Fence. The retrofit is so seamless that you can still fill the barriers with fence topper installed; the cap remains accessible.


Can rotate 30 degrees for curved perimeters


Additional hole for security bolt at upper end of T-pin


Accommodates 6' or 12' gates for personnel/ vehicle entry




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