Women’s Mesh Vest

Model# KS152

Get a reliable fit that won't droop or sag with the women's mesh safety vest with poly-mesh

Class 2 mesh safety vest in women’s sizing.

TypeSafety Vests
ANSI RatingType R Class 2
Pockets3 Pockets
Closure TypeZipper
Reflective Material2" wide
MaterialUltra-Cool™ 100% Polyester Mesh
AdjustableAdjustable waist
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Women’s Mesh Vest

Ladies get a cleaner, more flattering fit while mitigating the risks of poor-fitting safety gear. The women’s mesh safety vest features cool mesh material and generous lengths of reflective material and trim for better visibility.



Features & Benefits



Reflective trim around arms for better visibility in low light conditions



Two lower patch slash pockets material



Inside lower left radio pocket



Deep-V neck won’t stifle



Zipper front closure



ANSI 107 Type R



Class 2 Compliant



Class 2 Safety Clothing for Women

Ultra-Cool technology maintains good airflow during strenuous work and warmer temps. A cinched waist and ladies’ sizing create a more professional-looking fit while the lower slash pockets and inner radio pocket keeps workday essentials at hand. 



Ill-Fitting Safety Vests Pose a Unique Risk

There’s a very good reason your company’s safety vests should not be one-size-fits-most - they can create as many hazards as they mitigate.

Loose clothing becomes a greater risk in any area with roving equipment, poorly lit conditions, uneven terrain, and more. Don’t let excess fabric snag or catch, choose an
appropriately sized hi vis safety vest for maximum caution.



For a Wide Range of Applications

Class 2 safety vests are suitable for low-light applications that may be adjacent to moderate traffic exceeding 25 mph. Combine a Class 2 safety vest with Class E safety pants to create a Class 3 ensemble appropriate for heavier traffic and night shifts.

Reflective material traverses the chest, shoulders, back, and just below the natural waist. Additional reflective piping caps off the armholes for enhanced visibility.





Traffic Safety Compliance Saves Lives. SONCO Can Help.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 2020 marked a 16-year high in work-zone crashes. The year saw 102,000 accidents, which claimed the lives of 857 people and injured an additional 44,240. For highway managers and road construction teams, safety protocols and risk mitigation are full-time jobs.


Road Safety Equipment Minimizes Traffic Hazards

Traffic control is challenging, whether you’re setting up a construction zone or a high-traffic event. Finding the proper traffic control barricade ensures worker, driver and pedestrian safety. Barricades redirect traffic, block roads or walkways and make drivers and pedestrians aware of off-limit areas.


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