The Yodock 2001M Water Barrier

If you want all of the best Yodock 2001 features without the bulk, choose the 2001M. These bestselling water barriers interlock to create a seamless, secure perimeter at public events, in work zones, or anywhere one would want to channelize traffic. See full specifications for more and shop a comprehensive selection of water filled barriers at SONCO.


Interlocking coupler



Empty 75 lbs / Full 750 lbs

100 gallons (capacity)


H 32 in x W 18 in x L 72 in

Yodock Barriers - Ideal for Emergency Deployment

The best-laid plans include a barrier system that can be put in place at a moment’s notice. The smaller size of the 2001M means barriers can go up in tighter spaces, requiring no heavy machinery and just one person to lift. Can be used as a foundation for temporary fencing in work zones and is stackable for orderly storage and transport.



Drain hole


Forklift access points


Low density polyethylene


Ground mounting ports


Lightbox recess


Mash and NCHRP 350

Yodock Barriers for Security Checkpoints, Work Zones

Use Yodock barriers filled or unfilled – tough yet lightweight, they adapt to a multitude of applications.

  • Gate - You can add a gate to your Yodock barrier, designed to provide access to construction job sites, storage cages, secure warehouses, or event storage perimeters.
  • Topper - Add a Topper to create a safe and secure work zone with high fence panels. These Yodock branded fence panels offer superior security and safety.
  • Custom Sign - Add a Custom Sign to display your company logo and enhance safety compliance on your job site by clearly identifying hazardous areas and notifying visitors of entrance points.
  • OSHA Sign - Add an OSHA Sign in any of the four categories – Danger, Warning, Caution, and Notice to keep your workzone in compliance.

Set your 2001-series Yodock water barriers in place with dog bone-style coupler connectors. SONCO carries coupler connectors for 2001 & 2001M barriers as well as the 2001MB. Don’t forget your custom corners – Yodock corner connectors from SONCO create the angles and arcs of your choosing across all Yodock barrier models. Want to add safety-enhancing height to your Yodock barrier? SONCO also carries Yodock-compatible temporary fencing, plus all of the signs and fence covers you need. Add OSHA safety signage to your fencing or contact SONCO to get high-resolution logos, text, and graphics printed on your temporary fence screen.


Light Water Barriers for Heavy Use

Yodock makes installing sturdy barriers as simple as possible. Here are more great benefits and uses for the 2001M.

  • Cost-Effective Safety Measure - Add height and make climbing more difficult with water barriers under chain-link fencing, preventing accidents and deterring costly theft. Water barriers are also a more cost-effective crowd control solution than other types of barriers and barricades.
  • For Continuous Use – You don’t need to baby this barrier. Weather-resistant LDPE is intended for frequent, daily, or continuous use. Use the bottom drain to empty the barrier and move as desired for uninterrupted safety on evolving, multiphase projects.
  • Crowds Obey Barriers – From concert venues to parades, Yodock barriers efficiently manage crowds. Choose a safety color for instant visual recognition of off-limits areas, restrict parking access for max organization, or create safety checkpoints on short notice. 

Use lightweight, durable Use lightweight, durable for the following:

  • Highway work
  • Temporary work zones
  • Parks and recreation facilities
  • Security and border checkpoints
  • Airport maintenance
  • Utility projects
  • Crowd control
  • Parking areas

Pair Yodock Barriers with Fence, Safety Signage, & More at SONCO

Look no further than SONCO for water barriers and water barrier accessories. Ask an expert for advice and recommendations on new barrier systems appropriate for your industry and environment. We’re always available to help you locate the right product for the right application.

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