Belts & Stanchions – Queue Solutions for Crowd Control

Andrew Hession

Andrew Hession, March 17, 2022

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Belts & Stanchions – Queue Solutions for Crowd Control

Get Crowd Control Expertise From the SONCO Pros

You probably know that SONCO manufactures a complete lineup of queue solutions for retail and hospitality venues, stadiums and airports — but choosing stanchions, belts or ropes can be overwhelming. Trust the nation’s safety pros when you need versatile, cost-effective crowd-control equipment. SONCO is here to answer your retractable belt barrier and stanchion rope questions, and our team can recommend high-performance crowd management options for virtually any application.

When you need stanchion, retractable belt and post answers, help from a live product expert is just a call, click or email away! With your input, we’ll evaluate your current inventory and suggest cost-effective upgrades to stretch those precious investment dollars!

Answers to FAQs About SONCO Queue Solutions


1. When Is a Retractable Belt Barrier the Right Tool for Crowd Management?

SONCO retractable belt stanchions set the standard for effective, long-lasting and adaptable crowd management. Stylish yet rugged enough to take on outdoor use, retractable belt stanchions suit any environment.

You’ll find our retractable barriers in banks, hospitality venues, airports and even construction zones. Choose these streamlined queue solutions when storage and labor are limited, and easily redirect SONCO stanchions as queuing needs change. Paired with custom accessories and printed belts, retractable belt barriers satisfy a wide range of applications. 

When Are Wall-Mounted Retractable Queue Solutions the Best Option?

Wall-mounted retractable belt systems are popular in a variety of settings. Common applications include:

  • Guiding shoppers or passengers to a specified endpoint
  • Organizing and queueing customers in retail or will-call lines
  • Preventing chaos in heavy elevator traffic
  • Unobtrusively blocking off corridors, alcoves or hallways during maintenance
  • Cordoning-off hazards, spills or unauthorized zones
  • Holding audiences in place until performances begin
  • Available in three extended lengths, SONCO retractable belts span areas where posts take up valuable floor space or present a tripping hazard.

SONCO’s tough, retractable systems are built to last through years of service. Count on safe belt retraction and tidy storage every time you disconnect the barrier. Don’t forget to imprint logos or safety messages on retractable belts for secure, brand-building power. SONCO design services make it happen!


Are Stanchion Ropes & Posts More Versatile Than Retractables?

Traditional stanchions and ropes are among the most popular queue solutions. They convey a sense of elegance and importance when lining the red carpet or blocking off the VIP lounge. SONCO ropes and stanchions also come in durable materials designed for outdoor use at construction sites or festival venues!

Remember, stanchion ropes and posts span shorter distances than retractable belts, and they take up more floor space for long queues. Typically, they also require more labor to deploy or move. Ask a SONCO team member which crowd management solution is right for you.

Can I Add Signs to Stanchion, Rope & Belt Systems?

Yes! As customers walk past off-limits hallways or wait in checkout queues, you have a unique opportunity to underscore your brand or monetize your site with custom-printed signage. Tap into endless possibilities with help from SONCO’s creative team!

  • Imprint retractable belt barriers with messaging that informs customers, directs movement or promotes your company.
  • Drape stanchion posts with graphic banners and flags to celebrate company milestones or upcoming events.
  • Use handy sign holders to convey distancing information, promote sponsors or brand your queue.
  • Install brochure & sign holders for a money-making merchandise display, complete with sign frames, display bowls and hygiene stations.

Ready to get started? Connect with a SONCO expert to set up an account and discover the cost savings of bundled stanchions and accessories. And check out SONCO’s comprehensive stanchion guide, where you’ll find even more helpful info on choosing and using our belt-and-post queuing solutions.

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