Advantages of Water Barrier Systems for Traffic Safety

Nick Criscuolo

Nick Criscuolo, February 10, 2022

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Advantages of Water Barrier Systems for Traffic Safety

Experts Answer Your Plastic Jersey Barricade Questions

For the past 60 years, construction companies have used concrete jersey barriers to separate lanes and redirect traffic in roadwork zones. While concrete walls form effective safety obstacles for large-scale highway projects, they have proven drawbacks. They are tough to move, unforgiving in a crash, and frequently the source of damaging highway debris. 

In 21st-century road construction sites, high-visibility water barrier systems like the Jersey Blok 130 are seen lining roadways, channelizing traffic and creating safe pedestrian crossings. The updated barrier style has largely replaced concrete barriers, delivering elevated safety protection for everyone in the work zone: workers, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. 

If you’re investigating water filled barrier systems for your construction, paving or road repair company, SONCO’s product experts answer your questions below. Don’t see your question? Contact our team for personal assistance! 

How Tough Are Water Barrier Systems?

Water filled barriers are tough enough for any job! We mold our plastic jersey barriers from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a plastic that stands up to scorching sun, freezing rain and relentless winds. Unlike concrete barricades, water barrier products resist surface cracking and chipping. Say goodbye to road debris accidents caused by crumbling or degrading concrete walls. SONCO tests each water barricade before shipment, assuring a minimum of 8 years of rugged use — including frequent moves and prolonged outdoor deployments. 

Do Water Filled Barriers Have the Same Stopping Power as Concrete Barricades?

Heavy concrete barriers get the job done when you’re channelizing traffic or deflecting vehicles from dangerous curves. Unfortunately, they are unforgiving during collisions, resulting in motorist injuries and barrier damage. 

Construction contractors appreciate SONCO’s time-tested plastic barricade design, which absorbs impact to minimize injuries and collision damage. We manufacture each plastic water barrier to meet stringent Federal Highway Administration standards and make them available in three weights: light, standard and heavy. When filled with water or sand, these heavy-duty barriers weigh up to 1300 pounds and provide stopping power equal to concrete barricades!

How Do I Deploy & Move Water Barriers?

Forget closing the work zone and bringing in a crane. SONCO water barricades for sale are easily set up, filled and emptied on-site by a few workers. In addition, innovative water wall barrier designs incorporate these time- and work-saving features: 

  • Forklift cutouts to facilitate lifting & moving
  • Nesting design for compact transport & storage
  • Integrated ports for filling & draining water or sand
  • Tongue & groove ends that interlock to create seamless walls
  • Heavy-duty swivel pins & locks for configuration in straight lines, angles or curved configurations

Do Water Barriers Come in Different Sizes, Shapes & Colors?

Absolutely. Adapting to your worksite is what SONCO products do best! Our engineers and sales teams consult with verified customers to assess their needs and offer water barrier products with custom accessories and options:

  • Your choice of height & length
  • Hi-viz orange & white styles for eye-catching impact
  • Light, standard & heavyweight grades for different job site needs
  • Pairing capability with other equipment and custom signage

SONCO also manufactures new-age accessories that interlock with water barriers for increased construction site security and accessibility. Install people gates, vehicle gates and water-filled pedestrian barriers to protect construction workers and passersby. Provide worksite privacy and decrease dust exposure with chain-link fence toppers and screens. Add stock OSHA signage or custom-printed screens to inform site visitors, provide safety guidelines or promote your next construction project.

Are Plastic Jersey Barriers Affordable?

When you buy from SONCO, you enjoy superior product performance at competitive prices. Then we take it a step further with our Price Match Guarantee. If you find a comparable product at a better price, we’ll match it! For large-scale highway and significant roadwork projects, customers save big with our Safeguard 36 barrier truckload bundle and cost-effective bulk purchase discounts, too.

And, when you partner with SONCO, you’ll enjoy these value-added benefits and more:

  • Secure & convenient customer portal for order tracking
  • Unbeatable customer service — the best in the industry!
  • First-class guarantees, including the SONCO Cashback Program
  • Bundled orders + bulk & truckload pricing
  • SONCO APRUVE credit program to spread out payments
  • Net-30 payment terms, when applicable
  • FREE design proofs for custom-printing orders

Choose Jersey Water Barrier Systems for Ultimate Traffic Safety

When you partner with SONCO, you tap into 45+ years of expertise in perimeter security and road construction safety. Speak directly with a live person about your individual project needs. Our water wall barrier line integrates with similar products from other manufacturers, too — so you can gradually replace failing jersey barriers with superior SONCO plastic barricades. We are here to answer all of your questions and pair you with the best water wall system for your project specifications.

Tired of bulky, hard-to-handle concrete barriers? Make the switch to water filled plastic barriers! SONCO pricing and financing options fit any business plan. Call 866.202.6753 to set up your account and talk with a SONCO product expert. For your convenience, you can also request a bid for plastic jersey barriers online, 24/7. 

For more detailed information on water barriers and their functionality for your roadway, construction zone or traffic work project, print and save this free SONCO water barrier guide, too!

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