Water Filled Barriers Are a Safe, Affordable Alternative to Concrete

Switch to water-filled traffic barriers & quit wasting money on concrete jersey barrier replacements. Learn about SONCO jersey barriers today!

Tough Jersey Barriers That Supplement Concrete Systems

Crews use SONCO’s JerseyBlok LD water-filled traffic barriers to channelize vehicles and pedestrians in virtually any environment—from airports and event venues to road work and construction zones. The plastic barricade’s swivel pin-and-lock design connects multiple units and allows for 90-degree rotation during set-up.

When JerseyBlok barricades are empty, they are light, portable and easily deployed by small work crews. No heavy machinery or special tools are needed to transport or install SONCO’s water-filled plastic barriers, making them an ideal solution for your next project.

Benefits of Jersey Barrier Design

During barricade impact, a JerseyBlok barrier’s concave shape absorbs a vehicle’s momentum as the tires slide along the wedged base. This design enables drivers to maintain a cars’ forward motion while reducing the chance of rollover. Though new barriers have evolved, Jersey barricades are still a staple of highway departments around the country.

Concrete barriers are required for some highway applications, but they are not the only option! At SONCO, we stock water-filled traffic barricades that are rotationally molded and made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Fill or empty plastic barriers onsite, so they are easy to transport or store.

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