Jersey Barriers & Chain Link Fence Toppers Made to Match by SONCO 

The Safeguard 36 jersey barrier bundle by SONCO comes complete with a rugged HDPE water barricade, a four-foot chain link fence topper, and an eight-foot post connector. Expertly designed for complete compatibility, this bundle increases anti-climb security at construction sites, excavation sites, and more.  

A Complete Barricade System for Your Perimeter Security Needs

Customize a continuous perimeter with all the angles and arcs you need. The swivel pin design of the water barrier and two-clamp system of the steel fence topper make it possible.  


Jersey Water Barrier:

  • 36" H x 72" L 
  • NCHRP crash-tested 
  • FHWA Mash TL1 compliant as an LCD 
  • Tough high-density polyethylene 
  • Weighs 70 lbs. empty, 600 when filed with water 
  • Available in orange and white 
  • One-year manufacturer warranty 

Chain Link Fence Topper: 

  • 1-3/8" Fence Panel frame and 2" OD post 
  • Galvanized 16-gauge tube  
  • 60” H x 66" L 
  • 11.5 gauge 2-1/4" mesh with tension bars 
  • Includes 2 clamps

Water Barricades Suited to Temporary Projects 

Water barricades with easily integrated chain link fence toppers are easier to store, transport, and assemble than other perimeter fencing solutions such as concrete. Also, they do not crack or crumble the way concrete does with repeated use, making it a sounder investment. 
Add the fact that SONCO’s Safeguard 36 bundle is simply better quality than its plastic barrier competitors, and it’s the clear choice. When you need perimeter fencing that’s effective, economical, and doesn’t require heavy machinery to transport or install, Safeguard it. 



Key Features: 

  •  Plastic jersey  barricades include two forklift holes 
  • Top fill port with bottom drain for easy assembly and disassembly on site 
  • Chain link fence topper requires just one person for installation 
  • Wind and weather-resistant material and design 
  • Customized  OSHA  or  logo-printed fence screens  available

The Must-Have Bundle for Work Zones and Traffic Channelization 

Use Safeguard 36 plastic water filled barricades and chain link fence toppers anywhere you need to assert control and boost security. 

  • Multiphase highway projects 
  • Roadblocks and checkpoints 
  • Construction and utility work zones
  • Equipment and material storage areas 
  • Temporarily segment parking areas 
  • Restricted pedestrian access 

Get the Best Deal on Water-Filled Jersey Barriers & Chain Link Fence Toppers from SONCO 

For more than 45 years, SONCO has dedicated itself to protecting people and assets across multiple industries. We’re not the only company with water filled barricades for sale, but we are the only company providing superior quality products with exceptional SONCO service. 

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