JerseyBlok Water Filled Barriers

Model# JerseyBlok Water Filled Barriers

Impact-absorbing water-filled barriers are easier to store and set up. Keep traffic crews safe.

Width24 in
Height42 in
MaterialHigh-Density Polyethylene
WarrantyOne-Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Defects
Ships in 2 business days
Limited Stock
$999 00/ ea
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JerseyBlok Water Filled Barriers

Build a seamless wall of high-visibility, shock-absorbing barriers with JerseyBlok. JerseyBlok protects crews completing highway projects, diverts traffic, and controls crowds without the time and equipment associated with concrete barriers. JerseyBlok is easier to store, transport, and reposition.




Water Filled Barriers Have a Huge Impact on Site Safety



Holes for forklift



Tongue and groove end
features for seamless
custom barrier setup


connections for
90-degree angles


Threaded top-fill port
with bottom drain



Complies with federal
safety standards


One-year warranty against
manufacturer defects


JerseyBlok Streamlines Setup & Saves Money on Labor

It can take just a few crew members minutes to unload empty JerseyBlok barriers and set them into place. They’re adjustable, customizable, and fit together flawlessly to be filled, used, and emptied right where they stand.




Want the same stopping power as concrete? If your site is located near heavy traffic going 50 mph or more, get maximum power from JerseyBlok 225. It weighs approximately 1,300 lbs. when full.



Durable, Versatile, & Visible

Just because it’s not concrete doesn’t mean it’s not tough. JerseyBlok is UV, weather, and impact resistant. Unlike concrete, it won’t chip or crack. And unlike other water-filled barriers, JerseyBlok won’t warp, distort, or bulge.




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